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Penguins are coming!

From Southern Patagonia to the Atacama region in the north, the first penguins are now arriving to their colonies along the Pacific Coast. Between October and March the Chilean penguin colonies gets very lively, as this is when the animals come on land to have their young.

The most accessible penguin colony in Chile is the one at Otway Sound near Punta Arenas. Well-marked footpaths and discrete observation platforms enable visitors to observe the sociable penguins in their natural habitat without distressing them. There is a 2km/1mi footpath that will take you right into the heart of the colony. The other tourism-developed penguin colonies are Isla Magdalena in the Beagle Channel, Puñihuil off Chiloé, Isla Damas near La Serena, and the Pan de Azucar National Park. These can all be visited via boat excursion, with Isla Magdalena being the only one where disembarking is allowed.

If you have doubts regarding penguin watching or other excursions in Patagonia, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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