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Isla Damas

Travel Type: Nature
Duration: 1 Day

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This fascinating day-long excursion is ideal for nature lovers and the adventurous. The journey from La Serena heads north along the coast, through an arid, dramatic landscape, for about 120 km. At the fishing village of Caleta Los Choros, you’ll board a small boat to take you out toward the Humboldt Penguin Nature Reserve islands of Gaviota, Choros and Damas, just off the coast. Cruising by the first two of these islands (where tourists are not allowed to land), you’ll see countless sea lions and many types of sea birds on the shore, including cormorants and penguins. You’ll land at Isla Damas, for a picnic lunch (included in the tour) near the white sandy beach and a stroll around the beautiful island. If you climb the hill, make sure to be on the lookout for whales in the bay! Even if you aren’t rewarded with the sight of whales, you’re almost sure to get a close-up view of the nature reserve’s friendly dolphins during the boat trip to or from the island – one of the highlights of the tour. Toward evening, after a stimulating day on the water, you’ll make the return drive to La Serena.
Life vests are provided. We recommend to bring a rain jacket.

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