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Easter Island

slider_osterinselEaster Island, known to its native Polynesian inhabitants as Rapa Nui, lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. At about 3.800 km from the mainland and 4.200 km from Tahiti, Easter Island is the most remote place on earth. The island has a triangular shape, with the cone of an extinct volcano at each of its three points. Despite its small size – not measuring even 25 km in length or breadth – and its centuries-long isolation from the rest of the world, Easter Island nevertheless has a rich heritage of history, art and culture. In fact, the entire island seems to be an open-air museum, with nearly 1000 “moai” (statues), cult sites, and ancient cave dwellings open to the public. A large part of Easter Island is protected as Rapa Nui National Park, which was established in 1935, and which, like Valparaíso, is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site.

Our Tours
Name Travel TypeDuration
Rapa Nui HighlightsCulture1 Day
Horse Riding to Ahu AkiviActive1 Day
Boat Trip to the „Three Motus“Nature1 Day
Terevaka VolcanoActive1 Day
Hike to AnakenaActive1 Day
"Umu-" Dinner and ShowCulture1 Day
In Search of the Birdmen – Rano Kau and OrongoCulture1 Day
Ahu Akivi and the Puna Pau QuarryCulture1 Day

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