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Mapuche Cuisine by Anita Epulef

The area around Temuco and Pucón is still the center of Mapuche culture in Chile, and travellers can see their influences at every corner. In Anita Epulef’s small restaurant, visitors of the region can experience a vivid piece of Mapuche culture. It is located close to Pucón, toward the Andes, in a little village called Currarehue that is brimming with Mapuche culture. Sra. Anita cooks for her guests personally with lots of love, using recipes that have been in her family for generations. The local ingredients have been on the region’s menus for centuries. They may sound adventurous at first to a stranger’s ear: try piñones, the fruits of Araucanian Trees, on the table find salsas de Cochayuyo, a Chilean alga, tortillas backed on coal, little cakes of piñon with rose hip marmalade, and a variety of local vegetable dishes, for which there is no real translation – just authentic Mapuche. Whoever enjoys trying new things and agrees that one can get to know foreign cultures best by its cuisine, is in the right place at Restaurant Mapu Lyagl with Sra. Anita. Sra. Anita engages guests in the conservation and appreciation of her traditions, which have brought her remarkable recognition. In July 2015 she was even present as a representative for Chile at the Milan Expo.
If you want to include a meal at Sra. Anita’s in your travel program, your travelArt contact will be happy to assist you.

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