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Reminder: Large fines for illegal importation of organic products

At the beginning of the new season, we would like to remind you that in Chile, the import of crop and animal products is strictly regulated, in order to avoid vermin, plagues and the diffusion of non-native plants and animals. Infractions of those rules can lead to large fines and even trials.

Generally, the following products can be imported ONLY WITH DECLARATION:

a) crops
– coffee, cocoa, nuts, dry fruits, etc.
– juices and alcohol
– oils, flour, starch flour, semolina and sugar
– marmelade, canned fruit and vegetables
– cereals, spices, tea
– seeds, plant fibres, bark, flowers and other dried vegetable products
Fresh fruits and vegetables CAN NOT BE IMPORTED AT ALL, they must be thrown away BEFORE getting to the customs duty or DECLARED and then handed over.

b) animal products
– canned meat
– food for personal purpose (sandwiches, prepared meals) which contains cooked or
roasted meat
– cold cuts and ham
– dairy products (milk, cream, yoghurt, etc.)
– cheese
– boiled eggs
– leather goods, skins and wool (this refers to raw materials and handicrafts, but not to
processed materials like shoes, belts, handbags, woolens, etc.)

Unfortunately, there have been several incidents because of the non-compliance of those regulations in the past season: The consequence were surcharges of up to USD 200 and long waiting times for the passengers, which also affected the travel itinerary.

Therefore, we would like you to inform your clients well before their departure and to hand them out the attached list of products to declare. When entering Chile, all passengers receive a form on which they must declare all the crop and animal products they carry. The baggage will be checked. The controls do not only take place in the airport, but also in the regional border stations as well as in the harbours, if a ship comes from abroad. In case of any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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