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Hotel Palafito 1326 (B)

The Palafito 1326 Boutique Hotel is situated literally over the water’s edge in Castro, the picturesque capital of Chiloé Island. The building’s simple and clean architectural style emphasizes light – and lightness – as well as the native hardwoods of southern Chile. A range of guestrooms are available, most with water views, and all furnished cleanly and exceedingly comfortably. The hosts of this recently-launched establishment take seriously their commitment to the cultural, environmental, and economic well-being of the Chiloé islanders, and appreciate that this commitment dovetails with their guests’ needs and interests. The result is a unique, memorable, and very satisfying experience for all visitors to the Palafito 1326.

Rooms: 12
Facilities:central heating, insulated windows, balcony, shared kitchen, terrace, gift shop, wine cellar, laundry service, parking lots
Internet: Wi-Fi

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