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Lake Region

slider_seengebietIn the Lake District you’ll stay amongst idyllic snow-capped volcanoes, blue lakes and endless forests. The ideal place to enjoy at leisure.
(B) = Boutique Hotel

Our Hotels
Hotel Enjoy Park Lake Villarrica*****Lake Villarrica
Hotel Antumalal ****Pucón
Hotel Pucón Green Park ****Pucón
Casona de Pucón ***Pucón
Hotel Monte Verde ****Lake Villarrica
Hotel Malalhue ****Pucón
Hostal Geronimo ***Pucón
Ecocamp Nevados de SollipulliNatural Reserve Villarrica
Landhaus San Sebastian ***Pucón
Hotel Vientos del Sur ***Pucón
La Montaña Mágica Lodge ****Natural Reserve Huilo Huilo
Nothofagus Hotel & Spa ****Natural Reserve Huilo Huilo
Nawelpi Lodge Reserva del Fuy ****Natural Reserve Huilo Huilo
Cabaña del Lago Hotel ****Puerto Varas
Hotel Radisson Puerto Varas *****Puerto Varas
Hotel Cumbres *****Puerto Varas
Hotel Enjoy Puerto Varas*****Puerto Varas
Solace Hotel ****Puerto Varas
Petrohue Lodge ***Petrohue
Hotel Puerto Chico ***Puerto Varas
Hotel Palafito 1326 (B)Castro
Hotel de Castro ***Castro
Hotel Ancud ***Ancud
Hotel Parque Quilquico ****near Castro
Hotel Tierra Chiloé ****near Castro
Reino Fungi Lodge *****Natural Reserve Huilo Huilo
Park Inn by Radisson****Puerto Varas
Hosteria Andenrose ** Curacautin
Centro de Ocio ****near Castro

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