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Elqui Valley


Stretching from the Andes to the sea, the fertile and lush green Elqui Valley in Chile’s “small North” is home to the poet and Nobel Prize winner for literature Gabriela Mistral and Chile’s national drink: the brandy Pisco.

The village of Pisco Elqui is one of the main tourist destinations after a drive through the valley where, accompanied by an endless blue sky, you will experience the deep contrast between the sparse mountains and the fertile landscapes. Once you arrive at your destination, you can learn about the history and production of Chilean Pisco and enjoy the famous brandy during a tasting.

The Elqui Valley is one of Chile’s most important valleys and also known for the production of Syrah and Carmenere wines. Tour the vineyards and visit small towns along the way through the valley that have been combining agriculture and tourism for years. If you want to try traditional dishes in a different way, you can enjoy food prepared with solar energy in some restaurants.

If you are looking for sporting activities, you will find hiking trails, horse riding trails and cycling paths in the valley. When night falls, you can enjoy the unique view of the stars in the Elqui Valley, the world’s first international light sanctuary. This area is known for the presence of various magnetic centres and its connection to the stars and the universe, making it a perfect place for astrotourism. In the Elqui Valley there are also numerous petroglyphs to visit in places originally inhabited by the Molle, Diaguita and Inca cultures, for example La Piedra del Guanaco in the Quebrada del Pangue mountain gorge.

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