travelArt Chile is a leading specialist in high-quality cultural tours, study trips, nature outings, and hiking and trekking expeditions throughout Chile.

For two decades, travelArt has created exclusive group programmes and tailor-made group- and individual travel plans for major international tour operators. In addition to our wide range of cultural, environmental, wellness, and car tours, we also organize corporate incentive travel and manage day trips for cruise ship-based visitors to Chile.

With our highly-qualified, friendly staff, you’re in good hands: not only do our guides know their country – with all its diversity – inside and out, but they also enjoy sharing that insight and experience with their guests. This guarantees that your trip to Chile will be a unique, unforgettable travel experience!

We look forward to meeting you!

Chile – The whole world in one country

  • Altiplano

    Der abgeschiedene Altiplano („Hochplateau“) liegt an den Grenzen zu Peru und Bolivien ... The remote Altiplano (Highland) of northern Chile, bordered by Peru and Bolivia ...

  • Atacamawüste / Atacama Desert

    Die Atacamawüste erstreckt sich über die drei nördlichen Regionen Chiles. Ihre wirtschaft... The Atacama Desert spreads over Chile’s three northern regions. Its liveliest and best ...

  • Seengebiet / Lake District

    Das chilenische Seengebiet erstreckt sich in etwa von Temuco in der Region de los Ríos ... The Chilean Lake District more or less encompasses an area between Temuco, in the ...

  • Carretera Austral

    Durch Urwälder und Küstengebiete, über Flüsse und Seen, durch Felsen, an Fjorden und ... For twenty years, the Carretera Austral was built through rainforests and coastal regions ...

  • Patagonien / Patagonia

    Patagonien ist ein bekannter Name für ein wenig bekanntes Land am südlichen Ende der ... Patagonia is a well-known name for a little-known region at the southern ‘end of the ...

  • Osterinsel / Easter Island

    Mitten im Pazifischen Ozean liegt Rapa Nui, der „Nabel der Welt“. Knapp 3800km vom Fest... Rapa Nui - the ‘Navel of the World’ - lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Just under ...

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