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Chile – Country of extremes and winner of the World Travel Awards

This narrow country between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean with an average width of only 180 km and a length of 4300 km offers almost all climates that exist on earth. In the north, there is the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, and in the south glaciers and huge ice areas.

It is not without reason that Chile has won the “Best South American Destination for Adventure Tourism” award at the World Travel Awards every year since 2015. If you could travel the country in one day from top to bottom, you would wake up in the morning after a starry night in the desert, be in the metropolis of Santiago at noon, take a break in the afternoon at one of the lakes surrounded by forests and mountains, enjoy beautiful natural landscapes in Patagonia in the evening (and perhaps see a condor or puma), and rest on an ice floe at night. Numerous volcanoes would accompany you on your journey, as Chile has the second largest and most active volcano chain on earth after Indonesia.

The climatic peculiarities of the country and the unique landscapes attract adventure tourists and outdoor fans to Chile, in addition to offering breathtaking film material for exciting documentaries capturing “wild” Chile, for example in “Chile: A land of geographic extremes” produced by Marca Chile. Click here to watch the video.

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