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The “Tourism Oscars” are here – Vote for Chile!

As mentioned in the August newsletter, Chile won three South American categories of the 2019 World Travel Awards: best South American destination for both adventure tourism and nature lovers and the most romantic destination in South America (the Atacama Desert in the north of the country).

Now that Chile has won these three South American titles, they are defending them in the world-wide competition of the twenty-sixth edition of the World Travel Awards. The Secretary of State for Tourism, Mónica Zalaquett, and the National Tourism Service Sernatur launched the #VotaPorChile digital campaign on social networks, inviting all Chileans and Chile enthusiasts to select the country and crown it, for the first time, as world champion in these three coveted categories.

Anyone can participate directly through the World Travel Awards public website. Voting is open until 20 October. Join in!

Choose Chile as the best destination for adventure travel or vote for Chile as the best destination for nature lovers by using this link. If you also think that the Atacama region is the most romantic destination in the world, with its sunset in the driest desert of the world and lagoons with native flamingos, then vote here.

Current photos of Chile and travelArt travel experiences now also available on Instagram.

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