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Situation at Villarrica Volcano

After several days of increased activity, the Villarrica Volcano erupted in the dawn of March 03rd, 2015. A huge lava fountain could be seen from far. The eruption lasted only 20 minutes; now the volcano is under permanent observation. At the moment, alarm level “red” applies in a radius of 10 km around the volcano, while in Villarrica and Pucón, alarm level “yellow” applies. The national parl is closed until further notice.

As a precaution in case the rivers might rise, several roads have been closed temporarily. However, until now, due to the low water level in summer, the rivers have not risen considerably and no roads or bridges have been damaged. The hotels are working normally; their staff are locals who are well trained for this kind of situation.
Currently, no travelArt passengers are affected. For those clients arriving during the upcoming days, we will prepare a plan B just in case.
We will keep you updated, should the situation change.

Photos: Agencia Efe y Agencia Uno

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