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A Journey to Valparaíso´s Past

The memorable World Heritage Site of Valparaíso has a new attraction to offer – the “Villa Victoria” museum, where visitors can immerse themselves in this port city’s glorious 19th-Century past. The museum is located in a mansion dating to 1865, and guides wearing period costumes tell the story of the town and its inhabitants, taking guests on a time-travelling tour through the workshops and daily life of an era gone by.

This award-winning museum provides a truly impressive introduction to an early phase of globalization, when Valparaíso was one of the most important trade ports in the southern Pacific, and a key stop on trips from Europe and the eastern U.S. to California.

Guided tours of the “Villa Victoria”, in English or Spanish, take about one hour. If you would like to include this museum in one of your tours, your travel Art sales partner will be happy to help.

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