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On 13 and 14 April, the Vendimia Festival 2019 took place the “Barrio Italia” district of Santiago, currently one of the most important gastronomic centres in the city and with a great selection of restaurants.
Traditional grape harvests are events that boast good music, food and of course many different wines. The traditions of these festivals, including the grape stomp – in which grapes are smashed in wood vats with the bare feet of festival-goers -, were brought to the heart of Santiago. Needless to say, the globally renowned Chilean wine took centre stage. The Vendimia Festival was organized by the Chilean Wine Association and offered many activities, folk music and over 30 stands for tasting and buying wine.
More than 15,000 people attended this wine festival and many of them participated in the “creation of their own wine”.
Vendimia festivals are not only held in Santiago, but also in the nearby wine valleys every March and April. If you would like to include visits to the vendimias or wineries in your programmes, your travelArt contact will be happy to help.
We look forward to welcoming your guests next year in the 2020 version of Santiago’s Vendimia Festival or other vendimias.

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