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Valparaíso – Walk around like a local

We introduced you to some alternative walks through Santiago in our last newsletter, and this month we would like to take you on a tour of Valparaíso, one of the most important port cities in Latin America and often referred to as the “Pearl of the Pacific”. Valparaíso, which was never officially founded, has earned this nickname; colorful houses line up across the countless hills and offer fantastic views of the ocean. As you can imagine, a city with such adventurous geography calls for very special means of transportation.

We introduce these unique transport means to you on our city tour, in which we take you through the narrow streets like a true “porteño” – the inhabitants of Valparaíso and tell you about the interesting history of the city, where time has seemingly stood still. Along the tour, you can visit the many small craft shops, and old fishing pubs, and admire the churches and public buildings that characterize the cityscape.

We will first take you for a drive along the path of the modern metro, which passes along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, taking travelers to the port, main square of Sotomayor and to the foot of the iconic district of Playa Ancha. We will drive up to the hilltop, where you can explore the beautiful Paseo 21 de Mayo by foot and learning interesting facts about the British immigrants who lived there. The area offers a great view of the entire city and is photo-op must.

Historic ascensores (inclined lifts) shape the cityscape, easing the tedious up and down from one hill to another. You will feel like a “native” when you travel back down to the harbor in one of the largest and most beautiful lifts, the Ascensor Artillería, and then back to the main square Sotomayor by trolley. After a brief stop at the square, we will drive up to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepcion hills. Here you will have time to stroll through the romantic Paseo Dimalow before heading back down to the city center via the Ascensor Reina Victoria.

If you are interested, your travelArt contact person will be pleased to advise you.

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