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Valle Chacabuco – Parque Patagonia

Valle Chacabuco is an 80,000 hectare swath of land in the Aysen Region, located just between the Tamango and Jeinimeni natural reserves. Currently, the land is owned by US entrepreneur Douglas Tompkins (Esprit, The North Face), who is also owner of Parque Pumalín, located along the northern part of the Carretera Austral. Tompkins has gradually purchased the land and transformed it from a stockbreeding estancia into a natural park. Volunteers have removed about 800 km of fencing so the native fauna can move freely and propagate. Huemuls, pumas, and guanacos live here in addition to endangered amphibians. Condors circle in the sky. Many of the former gauchos of the estancia are now rangers helping to protect those animals.

For a short time, the park is open to the public for free. There are many attractive options for trekking (one or several days) in the spectacular landscapes, and visitors can also do animal watching, kayak tours and fly fishing. For tourists who would like to stay in the park longer, there is a luxury lodge and a well-equipped camping site. It is possible to visit the park via rental car from Cochrane, Chile Chico and Río Tranquilo.

Douglas Tompkins is planning to give the land to the Chilean government this year on the condition that they will join it with the Tamango and Jeinimeni natural reserves, creating an enormous 265,000 ha national park called “Parque Patagonia.” An extension of the hiking paths and a museum are also in process.
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