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Situation at the Calbuco Volcano – Update

We would like to give you an update on the situation at the Calbuco Volcano, which had produced two violent eruptions on the past Wednesday and Thursday. There is some good and some bad news:

Puerto Varas, the most important tourism centre of the region, has not been harmed in any way. Thanks to favorable winds, the town is not affected by ash rain either and life is going on as usual. Puerto Montt, the gateway to the region came out unharmed as well. The airport of Puerto Montt is operating normally again.

The village of Ensenada though, a popular stop on excursions to the region, has not been quite so lucky: It is covered by 50 cm of ashes. The “Reserva Nacional Llanquihue” at the foot of the volcano, very well liked among hikers, is also strongly struck, as well as the waterfalls “Saltos de Petrohue”. At this moment, it cannot be foreseen, which effects of the lava, ashes and pyroclastic material will be permanent and which temporary. Points of touristic interest, such as Pucón, Huilo Huilo as well as Bariloche and surroundings in Argentina, located further away, are also continuously affected by the ash rains.

There is still volcanic activity in the Calbuco Volcano, yet fortunately in decline. Rain has been forecasted for the next days, which could lead to landslides due to lose volcanic material. This is why the state of emergency and “alarm level red” are still valid. A radius of 20 km around the crater may only be entered during the day by residents in order to clean up or evacuate farm animals. Rivers and lakes are under permanent observation in order to be able to warn the public in case of swelling.

For as long as the “alarm level red” is valid, we will not undertake any tours to Puerto Varas and surroundings, for safety reasons.

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