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Important information about structural renovation works in Santiago airport

Chile has become one of the most popular tourist destinations with an annual tourism growth rate of at least 6%. Since travelers almost always enter Chile at the Santiago airport, it is currently being extended by a terminal. Due to the renovation works, the current exit area may cause confusion.
To ensure that our guests find our drivers and guides without any inconvenience, we ask that you to inform your guests about the following instructions. Once the the travelers have passed customs area, it is important that they turn right and go to exit number 4. The number 4 on a yellow background is clearly visible above the exit. Another reference is the Café Le Fournil, which is situated on the left-hand sight just before the sliding doors of Exit 4. There is also a guidance system with yellow markings on the floor and most passengers leave the airport building on this route. Our drivers or tour guides always wait for the guests with a corresponding name badge.
It is important to note that recently at other exits, so-called “pirate taxi drivers” are increasingly catching passengers who are leaving the customs area and offer transfers at completely inflated prices. In the unlikely case that our guests will not meet our drivers or guides, only authorized taxis should be taken to the hotel which is necessary also for safety reasons. An official taxi ride does not cost more than 20,000 to 25,000 Chilean pesos. If you have any questions, your travelArt contact person will be happy to help.

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