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Tren del Recuerdo – a journey through time by train

On this train journey, passengers experience Santiago and its surroundings from a completely different perspective. The 110 kilometre journey with the “Tren del Recuerdo” (Train of Remembrance) invites you to enjoy the nature of the Chilean landscape in a peaceful ride and travel into the past. The train journey begins at Santiago’s main railway station and takes passengers to the port city of San Antonio on a railway line that has been in use since the 20th century. While enjoying the view of the landscapes and the passage through the coastal mountain range at a relaxed speed, the traveller feels as if they have been transported back in time.

The train is powered by diesel-electric locomotives from the 1950s and 1960s and has various wagons, each with a different character and year of construction. These include railcars from 1923 manufactured in Germany, the “Primera Clase” wagon with a wooden interior and 76 seats, which can be turned around depending on the direction of travel of the train, and the dining room with twelve tables seating four guests each – ideal for a family trip. The so-called “Súper Salón”, built in 1929, offers a privileged view of the landscape with its large windows. The “Salón Turista” wagon from the 1950s has the comfort of the first air-conditioned units and was used for long-distance transport until the 1990s. The newest railcar built in Chile (in 1964) was rebuilt in the 1980s and now includes a small video room and a bar, as well as tables for four.

The journey from Santiago to San Antonio takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Guests enjoy live music on board and, breakfast served by the train crew on the outward journey and a snack on the return journey. In the town of San Antonio travelers have plenty of time to stroll along the harbour, observe the sea lions and enjoy fresh fish in one of the many restaurants.

If you are interested in this tour please contact your travelArt representative or email info@travelart.com.

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