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TravelArt guides go hiking!

In October, our Lake District tour guide team began exploring some not so famous hiking trails, taking hikes “off the beaten track”. The Lake District is showing increasing numbers of visitors; in particular, the area around Puerto Varas, with the Osorno volcano and the Saltos del Petrohué waterfall, is becoming increasingly attractive for tourists. However, we also offer our guests unique natural experiences away from the big tourist flows, such as the beautiful, varied and relatively simple 6 km hike at the foot of the volcano Osorno, a hike which leads to the Saltos del Petrohué by way of the rain forests and lava streams. This is a great way to experience the impressive landscape close up and can easily be included in a Saltos del Petrohué / Lago Todos los Santos excursion. Our guide team also traveled to the Alerce Andino National Park, where there are various trekking routes which take hikers through an almost untouched rain forest to the huge Alerce trees, providing enthusiasts with unique flora and fauna to enjoy. If you would like to know more about the trekking programs available in the Lake District, please contact your travelArt agent.

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