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A trip to Tierra del Fuego is like entering a forgotten and mysterious paradise. Located in Patagonia on the southernmost border of the American continent, it has untouched natural landscapes with forests, mountains, rivers and lakes due to the remoteness of the archipelago.
Some corners have never been entered by man and are waiting to be discovered.

Its first inhabitants, the Selknam, called it Karukinka “our land”. Today’s name Tierra del Fuego comes from the bonfires that the original inhabitants used to protect themselves from the southern cold and that were sighted by the first seafarers.

Today, this area is an attractive destination for tourists who want to feel connected with nature, like go on hikes or marvel at the flora and fauna rich in species. Wild horses galloping through the landscapes or a group of guanacos (a kind of llama) on the side of the road are part of the typical picture of Tierra del Fuego. There is also a unique colony of king penguins in Inútil Bay.

The archipelago has a harsh climate that adds an extra flair to the adventurous journey. The spectacular sunrises and sunsets that can be observed there provide romantic moments.

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