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Hotel Refugia is now “Tierra Chiloé”

The Hotel Refugia at Chiloé has recently been purchased by the renowned hotel chain Tierra, which already runs hotels in San Pedro de Atacama and near Torres del Paine National Park. The Chiloé hotel has been renamed “Tierra Chiloé”. In 2013 it was listed on the Condé Nast traveler hotlist for new hotels.

Currently, Tierra management is taking measures to adapt Tierra Chiloé to Tierra standards by renewing the car fleet, training new guides, and elaborating a coherent “excursion menu”. Attractive combination packages including all three Tierra destinations are in the works, as well as the construction of a new, bigger spa.

If you have questions regarding the Tierra hotels or would like to book them for your clients, your travelArt sales partner will be happy to help you.

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