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The Sound Museum

Santiago is a great place for music lovers.
As in cities like Barcelona, Santiago de Chile now has its first Sound Museum, which documents part of the history of musical recording and reproduction of our time.
There is no other museum in Chile that combines the historical collection with current events. It is a place of exchange, musical and sound creation, located in the cultural Yungay district.
Inaugurated on 29 March 2019, this museum is an old manor restored under the direction of the architect Carolina Vergara, who respected the original architecture and reinforced the existing structure. Although the museum is small, visitors can easily spend over an hour viewing the 150 gramophones, illustrations and videos. The collection includes antique instruments such as the Pathe phonograph made in France in 1905. One of the most striking pieces is an Argentinean phonograph from 1915, whose horn is gracefully decorated with hand-painted drawings.
You can also find old Chilean vinyl records and other special gramophones, such as a toy box and a miniature box.
All these relics are accompanied by texts describing the history and development of music and its means of reproduction.
There is also a central room with benches where you can sit and follow the milestones of musical reproduction on various touch screens.
Finally, in the audio-visual room you can listen to and watch additional material and footage, such as an interview with Gastón Soublette, the renowned Chilean musicologist.
The Sound Museum also houses a souvenir shop with records, music books and gifts for music lovers.
Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 hours.
There is free admission between 14:00 and 18:00 hours from Tuesday to Sunday.
There are other interesting museums in the area, such as the Human Rights Museum, which is very popular with tourists.
If your guests have time, we recommend this fabulous museum with its rich musical history.
If you are interested in this museum, please contact your travelArt representative.

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