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The Kaweskar route: 5-day cruise

Kaweskar route


Mapa Ruta Kaweskar

Departure & Return: Puerto Natales

Start your 5-day cruise by sailing through the Almirante Montt Gulf to Caleta Juarez in the Guardramiro Fjord, where you’ll disembark to observe a colony of elephant seals. Continue your journey through Angostura Kirke and navigate several stunning channels.

Channels Chile

Sail north through Pitt Channel with a view of Chatam Island, then enter Guillard Fjord to explore the majestic Guillard Glacier on foot. Head south to the Amalia Glacier for a scenic boat ride, and if conditions allow, disembark to witness its dynamic landscape. Visit El Brujo Glacier, with the opportunity for a close-up view.

El Brujo glacier
Next, arrive at the spectacular Calvo Fjord and take an excursion on a boat suitable for navigating among the ice, visiting multiple glaciers. Explore the Fjord of the Mountains, viewing four glaciers from the Sarmiento Range. Disembark to tour the Alsina Glacier’s bay and walk near Bernal Glacier, experiencing its unique receding phase.

Alsina glacier

Conclude your adventure by sailing through the Fjord of the Mountains, where you can observe the breathtaking Herman and Zamudio glaciers.

Cross Angostura White and enjoy a festive farewell party with the Captain’s dinner and dancing as you navigate back through Almirante Montt Gulf to Puerto Natales.

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