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Visitors at Moon Valley Atacama

From the Atacama Desert to Patagonia, the most popular destinations in Chile in 2022 stand out for their geographical attractiveness. The tourism website Tripadvisor has published a list of the best attractions in Chile based on parameters such as number of visits, positive experiences, activities offered, photography and popularity.

Geysers del Tatio In the Atacama Desert, Moon Valley continues to impress with its moon-like landscapes with interesting rock formations and as an ideal place for colourful sunsets and stargazing.

Visiting the Geysers del Tatio, which spew water and steam, is a must-see during a stay in San Pedro de Atacama.This natural spectacle is particularly impressive at the beginning of sunrise.
Elqui valley

In the so-called “Little North” of Chile, near the coastal city of La Serena, is the fertile Elqui Valley, known above all for its fame as a place full of mysticism and magic. And what better place to disconnect than under one of the most starry skies in the world. In addition, the valley is the cradle of the national brand of Pisco wines and offers numerous possibilities for excursions in the middle of beautiful vineyards in contrast to the scarce Andes Mountain Range.

Cerro San Cristobal When visiting the capital Santiago, the unique view of the city from Cerro San Cristóbal is the highlight of the tour. With the largest park in Latin America, this is the green lung of the city, a place that locals also enjoy.

Culture lovers will find a popular destination at the La Sebastiana museum, one of the former homes of the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner for literature Pablo Neruda. In addition, from here visitors can admire an exclusive view of Valparaíso.

Near Valparaíso, in Viña del Mar, is the national botanical garden “Jardín Botánico Nacional”, considered one of the ten most popular places in Chile in 2022, with a varied park with many different areas, a paradise for picnics and relaxation.

Termas Geométricas Further south in the Los Ríos region near the town of Coñaripe are the Termas Geométricas hot springs. These volcanic waters are one of the places that have gained popularity in recent years. More than 2500 reviews on Tripadvisor highlight this architectural sight in harmony with nature.
In this region near Valdivia, it is also very popular to visit the Botanical Garden of the Austral University of Chile with ancient trees.
Osorno volcano
The Osorno volcano in Chile’s Lake District is one of the most photographed landscapes in South America.

With its snow-capped summit, it dominates Lake Llanquihue and offers dreamlike motifs.

Isla Magdalena

When visiting Punta Arenas, in addition to a tour of Torres del Paine National Park, penguin watching is one of the most requested activities by visitors to Patagonia. And that is exactly what Isla Magdalena offers, which can be reached by navigating the Strait of Magellan. One hour is enough to go around the island and see the penguins and their natural habitat up close.

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