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Sustainable projects in Chile – Join us

In recent years, Chile has established itself as a pioneer for sustainable projects in Latin America. With its impressive variety of ecosystems, including the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, and the unspoilt landscapes of Patagonia, there are many opportunities to combine tourism with the protection of the environment and the promotion of local communities.

Keychain qactusAt travelArt, sustainability is also a key priority and we are constantly looking for new ways to make our contribution. From supporting local small businesses and ethnic groups to buying recycled materials.

We would like to introduce you to some outstanding sustainable projects in Chile that make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the region and in which you could also participate. For example, we were thinking of gift ideas for your customers that we could organise on your behalf. This way, our guests would not only have a nice souvenir of our country, but would also make an important contribution to the preservation of Chile’s biodiversity and culture with their visit.

Reforestemos planting treesReforestemos foundation: With the current devastating fires, the work of this organisation is more important than ever. For just USD 9, you can give a tree as a gift to your customers or plant one tree per tour group. The trees are planted in areas where a lot of forest has been destroyed due to fires or drought. After the purchase you will receive a certificate with the personal name of the recipient on it together with the exact location of the planted tree via google maps.

Guanaco baby and motherYastay foundation, a non-profit organisation that works to preserve native species in the country’s mountains, including the condor, puma and guanaco.

Humedales de LlanquihueLegado Chile: By purchasing various products (including greeting cards for around USD 3), you can support this foundation, which is committed to environmental education projects and the conservation of ecosystems and species.

HuemulOr support the highly endangered huemul, an Andean deer that lives in the mountainous regions of southern Chile and, as the national animal, can also be seen on our country’s coat of arms alongside the condor. The purchase of small products such as mugs or notepads bearing the image of the huemul supports the Puelo Patagonia organisation, which is committed to the conservation of this rare deer species, among other things.

The non-profit organisation Fundación Chol Chol supports the handicrafts of the indigenous Mapuche community with the fair sale of their handmade textile and ceramic goods, magnets, key rings etc.,… We regularly order products there, either as trade fair gifts or as a small gift for our guests on behalf of our clients.

For more informatione please contact your travelArt representative or email info@travelart.com

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