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Reaching for the stars in Chile

Surely you know that feeling: You stand amazed under the open night sky hoping for a shooting star and at the same time you are overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite universe. If only a suitable telescope were at hand to take a look at the reddish Mars or the charismatic rings of Saturn! Since the beginning of time, distant stars and planets fascinate professional as well as amateur astronomers alike. So it is not a surprise that astronomy tourism is becoming more and more popular – especially in Chile, where perfect conditions for a view into space can be found.
In the so-called little North of Chile, on the edge of the almost rainless Atacama desert, the sky is clearer than anywhere else. Therefore, the region is also considered a cloudless paradise for stargazers. It is said that from there even the center of the galaxy can be seen with the naked eye. International reknown research institutes have built observatory stations on the peaks of the Andean chain, in order to obtain a clearer view with huge telescopes into the universe high above the earth’s atmosphere.

It is therefore not surprising that also scientific observatories are becoming accessible to tourists, and are nowadays opening their doors to visitors. Learn more, for example during a visit to the La Silla Observatory, which has the largest telescopes with a diameter of almost four meters. In these scientific observation stations, the telescopes are not accessible to the public, but in their guided tours the audience learns interesting facts about the researcher’s work and can have look over their shoulders.

In addition, the numerous astronomical observatories offer interesting tours for less experienced visitors about planets, star constellations, space, light and time. There they can take a look through the astronomical telescopes. The stars seem within reach, almost as if they could be taken from the sky. Are you interested?

By taking a look at the lunar calendar and booking your tour in advance, you can ensure the optimal moment and a place in the very limited visitor contingent allowed into the observatories. Your travelArt customer advisor will be pleased to help you find on request the best excursion for your needs and desires within the various options available.

We wish you an enjoyable expedition into the infinite space of the universe!

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