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Some facts about the Araucanía region

The Araucania region in the south of Chile owes its name to the evergreen Araucaria trees that dominate the landscape of this region and are also the national tree of Chile.

This region is not only the land of millennial forests, outdoor activities and Mapuche culture, it is also a destination without limits, where adventure, nature, and leisure seem to blend together seamlessly. We invite you to watch the video above, which shows very well the diversity of the Araucanía region.

Araucanía Conguillio NP

Conguillio National Park

Discover the Araucaria forests on a trekking tour and enjoy the unique natural landscapes with volcanoes in the background or relax on one of the numerous lakeshores. Araucanía offers plenty of leisure opportunities. Wintersports enthusiasts will be delighted by snow-covered slopes at the Corralco Ski Centre.

In 2018, the Conguillio National Park in this region was even nominated by National Geographic as one of the top 10 most beautiful Parks in the world. April and May is the best time to visit this park due to splendid display of colourful leaves in orange and red tones next to evergreen trees – a fantastic opportunity to take stunning photos.

Please find here a map of the Araucanía region.

If you want to know more about the history of Chile’s indigenous peoples and their culture, this is the place to be. Here you can experience Mapuche traditions at first hand, visit a ruka (typical dwelling) and enjoy their gastronomy. Discover the spice Merkén, a smoked chili pepper used as a traditional condiment in Mapuche cuisine in Chile.

The Araucanía region is waiting for you …

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