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Spectacular encounter with a puma in Patagonia

Could you imagine yourself encountering a predatory cat in the wild? To see the elegant and haughty movements only a stone’s throw away of you, while at the same time the excitement brings adrenaline rush into your body. In April when visiting the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia our tour guide Mauricio Cortés made this wonderful experience. He reported that in the afternoon sun, on the way to the Laguna Amarga, a fully grown puma suddenly stood in front of him with his shiny golden coat. The majestic animal jumped over a gate only 20 meters away and continued walking calmly. The wild cat ignored Mauricio and was apparently not very impressed by this encounter which is unusual for pumas, too. These animals are shy and they avoid contact with human beings. That’s why this imposing nature experience is a rarity. However, in the Torres del Paine National Park it occurs from time to time and makes it an unforgettable moment for visitors who come to enjoy the unique mountains and steppe landscape of Patagonia.
Recently, our guests have consistently reported about fascinating experiences with pumas who are also known as mountain lions. There are currently five types of puma distributed throughout the territory of Chile. As the largest predatory cat in Chile, the puma is very adaptable and can cope as well in the hot north as in the harsh climate of Patagonia. The population of these beautiful animals is monitored. Would you believe that pumas do not roar like lions but purr like domestic cats?

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