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“travelArtists” Become Real Artists!

Once a year, we “travelArtists” like to take some time to relax with each other outside of work – and in Chile, there’s no better time for that than September, the month of National Holidays, barbecues and dancing.

So, one Saturday morning several weeks ago we all boarded a bus, not knowing quite where it would take us – but looking forward to a great day. Our first stop turned out to be the pottery village of Pomaire, a place many of travelArt’s guests have visited. After a delicious Chilean-style breakfast, we were led into a workshop where a local potter was waiting with a supply of unworked clay. After a little instruction, we were in short order converted from travelArtists into real artists – and some unexpected talent was discovered. You can see a few of the beautiful results in this photo-album.

After this amazing experience, we continued on to the Chocalán Winery in beautiful Casablanca Valley for a guided tour, a wine tasting, and a mouth-watering barbecue lunch. By the end of the day, we had enjoyed a memorable outing and had come to know our colleagues much better. We returned to Santiago tired but happy, and now can wholeheartedly recommend a visit to Pomaire and the Chocalán Winery!

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