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Castro and Dalcahue

Travel Type: Culture
Duration: 1 Day

  • Tour Description
This day trip begins early in the morning, setting off south, towards Pargua, where the car ferry crosses to Chiloé – an island full of myths, legends and very special people. After your arrival on the island you will first go to Castro, the island’s capital, where you will visit the Plaza de Armas and its cathedral painted in daring lilac and orange. The island’s largest craft market can also be visited near the harbour. Castro is famous for its ‘palafitos’, houses raised on stilts above the water. There are various reasons for their existence, but the most compelling is perhaps the simple fact that early inhabitants sought to evade taxes by building over the water. After all, the ocean has always belonged to everyone!
Afterwards you will continue to the fishing village of Dalcahue, where there is time for a stroll. Traders on the Sunday market offer native craftwork to the visitors, while the locals (Chilotes) shop their fruit and vegetables next door. Dalcahue is the regional centre for many smaller islands and fishing villages along the coast and provides good insight into the traditional way of life on Chiloé. It has photogenic clapboard houses and colourful fishing boats that bring in fresh catches of crab.
The return journey to Puerto Varas is in the late afternoon.

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