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Ruca Mapuche

Travel Type: Culture
Duration: 1 Day

  • Tour Description
Now there’s an opportunity for a cultural encounter with the Mapuche people of southern Chile, without even leaving Santiago: Raimundo and Beatriz are a Mapuche couple who have constructed a patrimonial centre, which is open to groups. Guests are welcomed under the flag of the Mapuche Nation, with a short introduction to the Mapuche culture and an explanation of the flag. Visitors then learn about the Mapuches’ traditional crops and the medicinal plants growing in the typical garden in the yard. The main attraction is surely the centre itself: a spacious “Ruca” – the archetypal Mapuche house and meeting room – where Beatriz and Raimundo give an interesting presentation on their culture and history. They display traditional instruments and clothing, and, if guests wish, show a short educational video. Visitors may sample traditional food and drink. Before leaving the Ruca, there’s a chance to purchase homemade souvenirs.

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