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Nao Victoria

Travel Type: Culture
Duration: 1 Day

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Along the coastal road from Punta Arenas to the airport is a museum that is home to an exact, full-scale reconstruction of the first ship ever to circle the globe: the “Nao Victoria.” This ship was part of Ferdinand Magellan’s 16th-Century expedition that discovered the route around South America to the Pacific, and it was the only one of his ships to successfully complete the circumnavigation. This amazing replica, which looks out over the straits named for the explorer, allows visitors to learn about life aboard ship for the crew of over 250 sailors. All parts of the ship can be toured, including the captain’s cabin, the crew deck, and the dim storage areas of the ship’s hold. Take the tiller and imagine you are the first European ever to sail a ship on the wide Pacific!
Short excursion.
Ideal stopover on the way from or to the airport.

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