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City Tour La Serena

Travel Type: Culture
Duration: 1 Day

  • Tour Description
Get to know the cities of Coquimbo and La Serena on this half-day tour. During the tour, you will pass through Coquimbo´s downtown area and the nearby resort of La Herradura, on the Bay of Guayacan. You’ll have the opportunity for a photo-stop at this beautiful bay – and might even hear some of the legends of the English pirates in the old days.
North from Coquimbo at the coast lies La Serena, your tour will take you past extensive beaches that have been developed with tourists in mind, with modern hotels, apartments, pubs, discos and restaurants. Nonetheless, La Serena remains one of Chile’s most appealing cities, because the ‘Plan La Serena’ has ensured that growth and modernisation have been developed within a framework to maintain the city’s rich architectural heritage, allowing the city to keep its own unique character. The symbol of La Serena is its lighthouse, where you will stop for a picture before proceeding to the archaeological museum, which provides insight into pre-Columbian civilization with an excellent collection of ceramics. Afterwards, the tour continues to the colourful La Recova craft market, where you’ll find a variety of souvenirs, including jewellery made from the local semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli. Your tour concludes with a visit to university hill, which offers a fine view over La Serena and the Bay of Coquimbo, before you return to the Coquimbo harbor via the Pan American highway.

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