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Guatin and the Puritama Hot Springs

Travel Typel: Nature
Duration: 1 Day

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The Guatin Valley contains the confluence of two rivers: one comes from the Puritama thermal springs and carries earth and minerals in its warm waters; the other is the Purifica River that originates in the Andes. This extraordinary mixture of hot spring water and clear melt water creates a unique ecosystem in the Guatin Canyon, and a hike here is rewarding, not least for the giant candelabra cacti that grow in the canyon, some of which are already up to 500 years old.
This easy hike begins in the Guatin Canyon, whose vibrant red rocks provide a wonderful display of colours. The walk along the canyon floor follows a steady incline through unique local flora, before reaching the Puritama thermal springs. Seven natural pools with crystal clear thermal water are ideal for a relaxing swim, before being driven back to San Pedro.
We recommend to do this tour in the morning, since in the afternoon the temperatures fall considerably in Puritama.

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