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Geysers of Tatio

Travel Type: Nature
Duration: 1 Day

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Those who wish to experience the El Tatio Geysers have to get up early, to ensure a timely arrival at the geyser field at sunrise. The fountains, located over 4300m/14,108ft, shoot up to 10m/33ft high. After the spectacular show there, you have the choice of recovering from the morning chill and warming up in natural pools created by hot springs.
So early in the morning, the temperatures at the Geysers can be far below 0°Cm we recommend to bring warm clothes.
Bring swimming gear, if you would like to warm up in the hot pools.
The tour begins in the very early hours of the morning in San Pedro, to ensure a timely arrival at the geyser field at sunrise.
There is a possibility of experiencing conditions associated with altitude sickness, such as nausea and tiredness.

The excursion to the Tatio Geysers can be combined with a visit to the little desert village Machuca (altitude: over 4000m/13,124ft), where the guests may try traditional lama meat and empanadas. Another very attractive option is the combination with the Puritama hot springs.

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