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Our Highlight of March: “Vendimia” – wine festivals in Chile

Culture, tradition and culinary delights come together during the “Vendimia”, the time of the grape harvest in Chile.

With the end of summer in the southern hemisphere, Chile begins the celebration of one of its most important traditions, the vendimia. The harvest in the vineyards, where the grapes for one of the best wines in the world are grown, becomes the starting point for public celebrations that are similar to folk festivals.

These celebrations take place between March and April along Chile’s wine routes throughout the country, but especially in the wine-growing areas of central Chile. With its famous grape stomping, wine tastings and excellent gastronomy, the Vendimia festival is part of Chile’s cultural heritage. There will be no Vendimia festivities this year due to the pandemic. However, many wineries are already able to welcome tourists and offer wine tastings as well as tours, which mainly take place outdoors.

In the youtube video you can see the Colchagua Valley, which is close to Santiago and where many excellent wineries can be visited. You can also see scenes from a wine festival in this region.

For more information on wine tourism in Chile, please contact your travelArt representative or email info@travelart.com.

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