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New Product: Mountain biking in Punta Arenas

On this tour starting in Punta Arenas, visitors will get to know the beautiful landscape and forests of Patagonia in a very special way: on mountain bike ride through varied terrain, with roots, slopes and trails that offer spectacular views of the mountains that surround the city. This ride is full of local history on amazing trails through the forest.
Bikers stop at various vantage points to enjoy a beautiful view of the Magellan Strait, Tierra del Fuego Island and the city. For those who do not wish to bike the entire day, we offer a shorter version, which also starts from Punta Arenas. The trails are near the town, about 20 minutes from the main square. Despite the lower number of hours on the mountain bike, the bike enthusiasts enjoy a complete Patagonian forest-mountain experience.
If you are interested in this new product, please contact your travelArt representative.

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