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New inclusive hiking trail in Patagonia National Park

Chacabuco valley

The “Parque Nacional Patagonia” is a breathtaking natural paradise in Chile’s Aysén region. The unspoilt beauty of nature awaits you with a unique mixture of majestic mountains, wild rivers, wide valleys and diverse wildlife.

Valle lunar

Valle lunar Jeinimeni

Opened in 2019, the park is the result of the dedicated work of Tompkins Conservation and the Chilean government and covers more than 300,000 hectares with the aim of protecting the area’s biodiversity and promoting sustainable tourism.

Piedra Clavada

Piedra Clavada

A new 8.7-kilometre hiking trail with interesting viewpoints and several bridges will lead visitors through picturesque landscapes. It includes the areas of Piedra Clavada, Cueva de las Manos and Valle Lunar.

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