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New complex at the Los Libertadores border crossing (Chile-Argentina)

On 30 September 2019, after about two years of construction work, the new building complex at the Los Libertadores border crossing (at an altitude of 3220 metres) was inaugurated. It´s one of the most important border crossings of the 29 border checkpoints between Chile and Argentina.

Those travelling from the Chilean capital to the Argentine city of Mendoza, famous for its wine regions and 360 km from Santiago, make use of this pass. In 2018, 1,203,488 people, 376,198 vehicles and 3.5 million tons passed through this Andean Pass, by far surpassing the capacity of the old border facility built in 1975 and often causing long waiting times.

According to the Chilean border authorities, this congestion is now a thing of the past. The new complex covers about 30,000 square meters and has triple the capacity of arriving vehicles, which will also have a positive effect on the tourism sector. It is expected that the waiting time per person will be no more than 30 minutes in the future as 15 arriving cars and 8 buses can simultaneously pass through the border complex. The main building is divided into two levels, with cars passing through a gateway to the upper floor. The bus control sector now offers more passenger comfort, with baggage transported on modern conveyor belts, similar to those of airports.

The Los Libertadores border crossing is open 24/7 with the exception of weather related closures. Further information on current waiting times or other information can be found on Twitter at @CFLosLibertador.

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