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The Route of Forests and Lakes

Region: Lake Region
Duration: 7 or 9 Days

  • Tour Description

Day 1 – Temuco

  • Airport pick up in Temuco
  • Visit t Temuco
  • Drive to the Estancia Trailanqui, explore the property by bike, on a horse or on a hike
  • Overnight Hacienda Trailanqui
  • 80km/50mi total / 60km/37mi paved road

Day 2 – National park Conguillio

  • Drive into the National Park Conguillio
  • Llaima Volcano
  • Huge lava fields and the Araucaria tree (Monkey Puzzle Tree)
  • In the evening return to Trailanqui and overnight
  • 200km / 124mi unpaved road

Day 3 – Villarrica – Pucón

  • Drive on scenic backroads to Villarrica
  • Active Villarrica Volcano
  • Drive up the Volcano
  • Natural hot-springs
  • Rafting
  • Overnight in Pucón
  • 120km/75mi total / 60km/37mi unpaved

Day 4 – Pucón – Valdivia

  • Drive to Valdivia
  • Panguipulli Lake
  • Drive along the river to the Pacific Ocean
  • Old Spanish fortresses
  • Scenic boat tour on the river
  • Overnight in Valdivia
  • 200km/124mi total / 60km/37mi paved road

Day 5 – Valdivia – Puerto Varas

  • Drive south on the Panamericana to Puerto Varas
  • Visit Frutillar and the museum with the history of the German settlement in this region
  • Overnight in Puerto Varas
  • 220 km / 137mi on paved road

Day 6 – Volcano Osorno – Lake Todos los Santos

  • Drive along Lake Llanquihue
  • Drive up the Osorno Volcano. Enjoy great views!
  • Visit the stunning Petrohue waterfalls and Lake Todos los Santos. In the evening return to Puerto Varas
  • Overnight in Puerto Varas.
  • 200km/124mi total / 140km/87mi on paved road

Day 7 – Puerto Montt

  • Visit to the coastal town of Puerto Montt
  • Return your car at airport Puerto Montt


Day 7 – Puerto Montt – Chiloé Island

  • Continue towards the Island of Chiloé
  • Cross the Channel of Chacao with the ferry
  • Continue to Castro, famous for its houses on stilts
  • Overnight in Castro
  • 230km / 143mi paved road

Day 8 – National park Chiloé – Ancud

  • Drive to the National Park of Chiloé at the Pacific Ocean
  • Self-guiding nature trails with information about native plants and trees
  • Visit the only penguin colony of South America, where Humboldt and Magallan Penguins live together
  • Lonely sandy beaches
  • In the evening drive to Ancud
  • Overnight in Ancud
  • 150km/93mi total / 90km/56mi paved road

Day 9 – Puerto Montt

  • Return your car at the airport in Puerto Montt
  • 100km / 62mi paved road
  • 150km/93mi total / 90km/56mi paved road

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