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The Araucanía Route

Region: Northern Lake Region
Duration: 7 Days

  • Tour Description
    Day 1 – Temuco – Malacahuello

  • Pick up your rental car in Temuco
  • Visit Temuco with its interesting markets
  • Drive to Malacahuello via Curacautin
  • Overnight in Malacahuello
  • 100 –115km / 62 – 72mi paved road

Day 2 – Hiking at the Lonquimay volcano, to “Navidad“ crater

  • Drive to the Natural preserve „Las Nalcas“
  • Go hiking at the foot of the Llonquimay volcano
  • See fascinating Araucaria forests and surpising lava fields
  • Return via Lonquimay
  • Overnight in Malacahuello
  • About 25 km / 16mi gravel road

Day 3 – Conguillio National Park

  • Drive to Conguillio National Park
  • Dense virgin forest, hiking from lagoon to lagoon.
  • Fantastic views from the Sierra Nevada Mountain range
  • Overnight in Trailanqui or Conguillio
  • About 70km/44mi / 30km/19mi paved road

Day 4 – Pucón – Volcano Villarrica

  • Drive to Pucón and enjoy the wonderful landscape
  • Active Villarrica volcano
  • Drive up the volcano and visit the fascinating volcanic caves below it
  • Overnight in Pucón
  • 160km/99mi total / 60km/37mi paved road

Day 5 – Pucón – Termas Geometricas – Huilo Huilo Nature Park

  • Marvellous Termas Geometricas: Relax in the hot water – surrounded by virgin forests and wild rocks
  • Huilo Huilo Nature Park
  • Overnight in one of the fairy-tale-like hotels of the park
  • 160km/99mi total / 70km/44mi paved road

Day 6 – Huilo Huilo Nature Park

  • Discover this beautiful park and hike to its mighty waterfall
  • Take part in one of the many excursions offered by the hotels: horse riding, canopy, mountain biking, hiking, aquatic sports, or…
  • Relax in the hot tubs of the hotels and enjoy the magic of this unique place
  • Overnight in the Huilo Huilo Park

Day 7 – Huilo Huilo Nature Park – Temuco

  • Return your rental car in Temuco
  • About 200km / 124mi

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