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Low season in Chile

From the Atacama Desert in the north to the mysterious Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the renowned wineries of the central region, Chile offers a variety of destinations that are ideal for visiting all year round. While many tourist destinations around the world can be crowded during peak travel times (June through August), these months fall during the Chilean winter, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the country at their leisure. In addition, prices for hotels and domestic flights are generally cheaper in the low season.

Atacama winterDuring the winter in San Pedro de Atacama, temperatures are generally mild and pleasant during the day, ideal for exploring the area and outdoor activities. The hot days of summer give way to cooler, but still comfortable temperatures (24°C on average during the day). Visitor numbers tend to be lower at this time of year, allowing for more relaxed sightseeing.

Stars salt lake Atacama

The clear nights in the Atacama Desert are particularly impressive in winter. With cooler temperatures and dry air, winter offers ideal conditions for stargazing.

Easter Island, famous for its mysterious Moai statues, is another fascinating destination in Chile. In the autumn/winter months (April to August), travelers can experience the island’s remoteness to the fullest. They have the opportunity to explore the archaeological sites and get to know the unique culture and history of the Rapa Nui in an intimate atmosphere.

Vina Santa Cruz winter

The central region of Chile is known for its first-class wines. From Santiago, you can visit the country’s most renowned wineries. Enjoy interesting tours through idyllic vineyards and taste the country’s best wines in a quieter setting away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Sarmiento lake
A trip to Patagonia is also worthwhile despite the cooler temperatures in low season. This region of Chile offers more stable weather conditions in the winter months with less wind and precipitation. The clear winter skies make it possible to take spectacular landscape photos with snow-capped mountains reflected in the now calmer waters of the lakes. There is also a greater chance of spotting native wildlife such as pumas and huemules during the quieter fall and winter months.

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