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Atacama’s best-kept secret: Lagunas Escondidas

The Lagunas Escondidas (hidden lagoons) of Baltinache are far from the usual tourist routes in San Pedro de Atacama. The more proximately located Laguna Cejar has attracted all the attention … until now! We would like to unveil one of the best kept secrets of San Pedro: the Lagunas Escondidas – a place of overwhelming beauty and tranquility. These seven turquoise lagoons are part of the immense Salar de Atacama, which at 100 km long and 80 km wide is the largest salt lake in Chile. Millions of years ago, the Salar was a lake; today it is for the most part dry, only consisting of several lagoons, places of great scenic beauty which serve as a refuge for native fauna. The Lagunas Escondidas of Baltinache are surrounded by a thick layer of salt that makes the water an intense turquoise. It is possible to swim in two of the lagoons, which, due to the salt, have the same effect as the Dead Sea: one relaxedly drifts atop of the water.
If you would like to learn more about these unique, hidden lagoons and include them in your program, feel free to contact your travelArt agent.


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