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Coffee and “kuchen” in Southern Chile

Would you have expected that, in Chile at the other end of the world delicious fruit cakes with crumbles will be offered as “kuchen” (the German word for cake) in the café “Haussmann” or “hazelnut”! How does it happen?
From the middle of the 19th century, German and Austrian immigrants settled in the southern tip of Latin America and brought along their customs and customs. Above all, the lake district around 800km south of Santiago is still strongly influenced by it. In addition to German street names and typical house construction, especially the Central European confectionery tradition has prevailed. Their influence on the Chilean cuisine was so great that even today the word “kuchen” can be found in the Chilean language.
The Chileans understand a ”kuchen” as a cake, which in difference to a torte has no filling and is uncovered (maximum with crumble) on a plate prepared. The “kuchen de manzana” – apple pie – is a classic, but any other regional fruit is often used for the topping. Just as in Central Europe, apple and pear trees, as well as cherries and plums grow in the Chilean lake region. There are countless types of berries in the forests – especially the blueberry. Although there are now “kuchen” throughout the country, the best ones are in the lake region. At the beginning of February, Puerto Varas on Llanquihuesee even celebrates the “Day of the kuchen”. For the Chileans, it is very clear who really wants to experience the south of the country, they must not miss a delicious home-made “kuchen”. Why not putting the sample to the test in situ?

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