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Huilo Huilo wins World Legacy Award

The renowned private nature reserve of Huilo Huilo, in southern Chile, was globally recognized once again: at ITB Berlin, Huilo Huilo was awarded the National Geographic World Legacy Award. This award confirms its status as a Chilean and worldwide example for best practice sustainable tourism and development. The decision was made by a jury of 18 experts who had travelled to all the finalist destinations.

Huilo Huilo covers about 100,000 hectares of practically virgin Valdivian rainforest that are home to many endangered species. It is no rarity to find puma tracks in the snow or mud while hiking in the park. The trees hang full of beautiful Copihues, Chile’s national flower. A project intended to protect the endangered Huemuls, a small endemic deer, assists in conservation efforts to build up their population. Furthermore, the local people benefit from the park through educational projects, environmental protection, and work opportunities.

Huilo Huilo stands out with seemingly magical hotels which fit perfectly into the deep forest and enchant Chileans and foreigners alike. If you would like your client to experience this fairy tale place, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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