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Santiago, Central Chile and Pacific Coast

slider_hotels_santiagoThe central region, focused around Santiago and the nearby Pacific Coast, offers the country’s widest choice of accommodations. In the capital city, you’ll find everything from quaint boutique hotels to ultra-modern skyscrapers. Valparaíso mainly offers boutique hotels in colourful restored mansions overlooking the harbour, and in Viña del Mar you can enjoy magnificent Pacific Ocean sunsets from many of the rooms.
For guests transiting through Santiago, there are good hotels at the airport.
(B) = Boutique Hotel

Our Hotels
Radisson Acqua Concon ****Concon
Hotel del Mar *****Viña del Mar
Sheraton Miramar *****Viña del Mar
Boutique-Hotel Casadoca (B)Concon
Zero Hotel (B)Valparaíso
Hotel Ultramar (B)Valparaíso
Casa Higueras (B)Valparaíso
Hotel Patrimonial ***Valparaíso
Hotel Diego de Almagro ****Valparaíso
Palacio Astoreca ****Valparaíso
Hotel Plaza San Francisco *****Santiago - Downtown
Grand Hotel Hyatt *****Santiago - Las Condes
The Ritz Carlton *****Santiago - Las Condes
Plaza El Bosque Ebro *****Santiago - Las Condes
Lastarria Boutique Hotel (B)Santiago - Downtown
Hotel W *****Santiago - Las Condes
The Aubrey (B)Santiago - Bellavista
NOI Vitacura *****Santiago - Vitacura
Hotel Le Reve (B)Santiago - Providencia
Hotel Fundador ****Santiago - Downtown
Hotel Providencia ****Santiago - Providencia
Hotel Orly ***Santiago - Providencia
Hotel Galerías ****Santiago - Downtown
Hotel Atton El Bosque ****Santiago - Las Condes
Hotel Su Merced (B)Santiago - Providencia
Hotel Marina Las Condes ****Santiago - Las Condes
Hotel Regal Pacific *****Santiago - Las Condes
Sheraton Santiago Hotel & Convention Center *****Santiago - Providencia
Hotel Torremayor Lyon ****Santiago - Providencia
Hotel Collection Plaza Santiago ****Santiago - Las Condes
Hotel Torremayor Providencia ****Santiago - Providencia
Altiplanico Bellas Artes (B)Santiago - Downtown
Hotel Fauna (B)Valparaíso
The Singular Santiago*****Santiago - Downtown
Hotel Oporto ***Santiago - Prividencia
Altiplanico San Alfonso (B)Cajón del Maipo

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