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Hotel Yelcho en la Patagonia ***

This unique, friendly resort is located 50 km. south of Chaitén along the Southern Highway, on the crystal-clear waters of Lake Yelcho, nestled between the mountains and glaciers of Chilean Patagonia. This spot serves as the perfect base for incomparable fly fishing expeditions, or for self-guided tours to Pumalin Park, Yelcho Glacier, or the Futaleufu River area. The resort’s comfortable rooms and cabins were sustainably constructed using beautiful, locally-sourced wood. At the Yelcho Restaurant, guests enjoy fine dining with a full menu of traditional and international dishes, along with a wine list featuring many Chilean wines.

Rooms: 8
Facilities: restaurant, “El Pescador” international bar, common areas, terrace, central heating, satellite TV, and a souvenir and fly shop.
Internet: Wi-Fi

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