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travelArt Guide Seminar

As our guides are essential to the success of a great journey, it is extremely important to us that they understand all of our customers’ needs and desires, and that they be well-prepared for the season. That is why we held our traditional tour guide seminars in Santiago last week – many old travelArt guides participated, bringing their extensive experience and passing it on to the more recently incorporated guides.

This time around, we placed special emphasis on European tourism laws and the handling of our new questionnaire, which many passengers will receive on the last day of their adventure with us. Additionally, we enhanced our already high expectations for travelArt guides such as cultural empathy, responsiveness to passengers’ particular needs and interests, ongoing self-education, creativity, proactivity, and a commitment to exceed client expectations. Seminars in Puerto Varas and Punta Arenas are scheduled for October.

The travelArt guides are now well-equipped with our latest guide manual and are looking forward to the coming season!

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