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Central Chile celebrates the grape harvest

Every year in March and April, fiestas de vendimia take place in the different wine valleys of the central region of Chile. These public grape harvest festivals are filled with wine tastings, culinary delights and -of course- grape stomping. With folkloristic performances, handicrafts and live music, the festivals are a good opportunity to get to know the diverse local customs. The festivities vary from region to region. For instance, the Casablanca Valley elects its Queen of the Vendimia, and the town of Panquehue in the San Felipe Valley presents a new Pinot Noir grape. Many festivals invite their guests to participate in activities, for example at public games like tug-of-war or to roll up one’s trousers and climb into the grape pot.
Chilean wine has an outstanding reputation around the world, thanks to exquisite wines resulting from the excellent growing conditions in the central region. As such, wine tourism in Chile has developed considerably during the past few years and visitors can enjoy a variety of winery tours and tastings throughout the year.
If you wish to include visits to the vendimias or wineries in your programmes, your travelArt representative will be happy to assist you.

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